Is it a dining table or a pool table?


Elegant Fusion table. You’d never know its hiding a billiards table!

How cool is this?


We just finished the installation of this Italian ultra-contemporary table. Both rustic and contemporary styles are outselling traditional styles this year. What are your tastes?

Beautiful installations


Beautiful install by Stephanie Quisenberry Keystone pool table by Golden West Billiards Photo by Stan Kwan Photography.

Selling your used table


Do you want to sell your used pool table in the greater Houston area? Well first, this makes us sad because it means that you are no longer getting joy from playing pool.  Unless of course your family is growing and you need the space – in that case “Yay for you!” This is one of the hardest things for us to answer because no one wants to know that the table they bought 5 years ago isn’t worth a…

A cautionary tale – 8/22/15


Today we were reminded of the hazards of purchasing used pool tables without the help of a professional. During the week, Eliza and I took numerous calls from a gentleman who had purchased a used pool table online from another individual.  He was told that the model was a Sunset II but that it had sustained some damage during a move.  The rails had been chipped and gouged when the original owners had turned it upside down without disassembling it…

What I’ve learned about pool tables in my 35+ years in the industry.


Once upon a time a well-known cue manufacturer (now retired) was quoted in a well-known billiard magazine (now defunct) that the way to insure that your pool table was level was to pour boiling water on the legs and carpet at the time of installation. WHAT??!?!?!?! Is ALL the information that is published that crazy? Nope, but the high preponderance of Internet blogs and forums has greatly diluted the quality of billiard information available. We suggest that if you don’t…

Listen to your customers!


Last week I was reminded how important it is to not just hear, but to listen and understand what your customer is asking for. The owner of a relatively new pool hall called and asked us to perform a third party inspection on pool tables they had recently ordered from another vendor. They wanted to file a dispute for a portion of a $40,000 purchase. They felt very strongly that the tables they ordered were not what was delivered. If…

Press Release – February 9, 2015


In the heart of the city, surrounded by the trendy Washington Avenue district, lies a 75 year old Houston tradition. International Billiards Inc. is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a Houston family owned and operated business. Amidst the corporate giants and impersonal service of other billiard dealers, you can find the second, third and fourth generation owners of International Billiards Inc. still here on a daily basis ready to help you find the right billiard, shuffleboard or game table, dart…

I love the billiard industry!


I do.  I really really really love our industry. My grandfather started this business in 1940 and my father purchased and started growing it in 1971.  My joke has always been that I started working here in 1963.  However that would mean that I started at birth and the truth is that I was probably 6 or 7 before I was doing various age appropriate tasks.  My earliest memory of coming to work is confirmed by my 1968 diary.  I…

Looking for a used pool table?


Maybe you throw a lot of parties and want a sure guest-pleaser. Possibly your kids are getting older and you want to know where they are… and who their friends are. Maybe you used to make your business deals on the golf course, but more and more of your friends and business associates are playing pool instead. Or maybe you just want something both cerebral AND physical to do…. at home! Whatever your reasons, you have decided that you want…