Why asking for a discount is not always fair


Discounts…. everyone is talking about them. The media is all over it and Dave Ramsey even supports asking for them. But did you know that in some instances, especially in small “mom and pop” establishments, that asking for a discount is unrealistic? On average, it costs 35% to open the doors of a store. Rent, taxes, payroll, insurance and utilities add up. Most small businesses make 3%-10% net profit during good economies. In the last few years during this bad…

Selecting Cuesticks


Lots of people ask what the best cue stick is. Well that would be like me saying that vanilla was the best ice cream flavor and then expecting everyone to agree. This is what I tell everyone – Yes, this is my opinion… but it’s also the opinion of the majority of billiard professionals. When looking for a cue, you should go to a reputable local billiard store and try some out. A dozen different players will tell you a…

Buy Legacy?


Every year I go to the BCA trade show to see if there are any newcomers to the table manufacturing game. There is ALWAYS a new importer but so far NO ONE has been able to meet or beat the quality and pricing of Legacy Billiards! If you look at Brunswick, American Heritage and Presidential and then look at Legacy, you will understand what I’m talking about. Spend your money wisely…. buy Legacy. Our Legacy branded billiard tables are second…