Author - Eliza

BCA Insider – Spring 2015


INTERNATIONAL BILLIARDS CELEBRATES 75 YEARS Published in the Spring 2015 edition of BCA Insider By Keith Loria Although no one can say for sure what Bill Morrison was thinking when he started a vending machine business in Houston on a hot summer day back in 1940, most who knew him believe that his plan was always for the business to continue in the family. Fast forward 75 years and Morrison would be very happy. His son Al purchased the business…

Get to know Legacy Billiards!


Legacy is one of our best selling brands. From pool tables, shuffleboards, games tables and more, Legacy does it all!

Hustler kitten


She’ll play you for some catnip

Our newest employee


This little 4 – 5 week old baby kitten showed up at our warehouse door yesterday. Thank you to everyone who suggested names for our new baby kitty; y’all had some really great ideas! We believe we have settled on Pocket as long as it ends up fitting her personality. Here are two of the most recent pictures. She is super active so the other half million pictures we took were too blurry to post.

Blast from the past!


I don’t know how you could judge angles on this, but this table is a hippy girl’s dream come true.

Go Tigers!


Thank you to the Bell family of Katy for allowing us to be part of your Katy Tiger pride!

Keystone Pool Table


I am absolutely IN LOVE with this Golden West Billiards Keystone pool table! It is so beautifully crafted and so solidly built. They use MDF instead of particleboard for the slate backing and check out those dovetailed corners! There are 8 joints instead of 3! #decoratorsdream #lovelovelove

Is it a dining table or a pool table?


Elegant Fusion table. You’d never know its hiding a billiards table!

How cool is this?


We just finished the installation of this Italian ultra-contemporary table. Both rustic and contemporary styles are outselling traditional styles this year. What are your tastes?

Beautiful installations


Beautiful install by Stephanie Quisenberry Keystone pool table by Golden West Billiards Photo by Stan Kwan Photography.