Every year I go to the BCA trade show to see if there are any newcomers to the table manufacturing game. There is ALWAYS a new importer but so far NO ONE has been able to meet or beat the quality and pricing of Legacy Billiards! If you look at Brunswick, American Heritage and Presidential and then look at Legacy, you will understand what I’m talking about. Spend your money wisely…. buy Legacy.

Our Legacy branded billiard tables are second to none. These tables are made with 100% solid hardwood, yet cost the same or less than many other tables made from inferior materials such as plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). They also feature hand-carved legs, Fortress power rails, Exact-Shot cushions, and a one-inch diamond-honed slate to ensure a stable, smooth play surface.

Legacy’s tables are also much easier to assemble, thanks to a patented, specialized “Perfect Corner”. The Perfect Corner makes it virtually impossible to assemble the table incorrectly. The end result is a stronger cabinet, and a better-playing table.

No other manufacturer can offer so many choices for so little cost. Most of these tables feature numerous choices with regards to size and finish as well as table cloth. Need a smaller table for a specific room? Want a color of felt that matches your room decor? We understand that every customer’s needs are different, which is why we offer an unprecedented number of options to address each customer’s specific situation.