Do you want to sell your used pool table in the greater Houston area?

Well first, this makes us sad because it means that you are no longer getting joy from playing pool.  Unless of course your family is growing and you need the space – in that case “Yay for you!”

This is one of the hardest things for us to answer because no one wants to know that the table they bought 5 years ago isn’t worth a ton of money.  When you first bought your table, much of the cost covered the labor to deliver and install it.  To sell it, someone must then incur the cost to have it moved.

The best time to try to sell your table is before Christmas when people are looking to make large purchases for their family.  Unfortunately, until the economy turns around, you aren’t going to get a lot for it.  Whether you purchased it originally for $2,000 or $20,000, the general public is looking to purchase a table for $1000 or less including having it installed in their home.

The current rate (10/22/15) for a move and reinstall by an insured service professional is $365.00.  If there is mileage or stairs involved, or if they want new cloth, those charges are extra.  If your table needs new rail rubber or if the rubber needs to be reglued, that’s extra.  What just happened is that you can now expect to get $300 to $500 from your pool table from an individual while they pay someone to move it.  They can get an uninsured “jobber” to do it for less, but for security reasons we find that most people don’t want just anyone coming into their homes.

If you sell your table to a reputable billiard dealer, you don’t have to worry about putting your information out to the public.  Also, a billiard dealer will not charge you to move it out of your house. For these conveniences, you may only get $100 to $300 for your table.

Although that doesn’t seem fair, realize that the billiard dealer will disassemble your table, bring it to their location, reassemble it so that they can show it, put new felt on if it needs it, make sure the rail rubber, slate and all other parts are good and if not fix them, and then wait however long it takes until the right person comes to purchase it.

If you are unsure what your table is, what it’s made of, or what its value is – we are happy to help.  We will give you the information you need to try to sell it to an individual, offer you a price for your table, or suggest another dealer who may be interested.  If you sell it to an individual, we can offer the moving services and guarantee that only professional, reliable technicians will be sent to your home.

However, what we would really like you to do, is to keep your table and renew your love of the game!