Discounts…. everyone is talking about them. The media is all over it and Dave Ramsey even supports asking for them. But did you know that in some instances, especially in small “mom and pop” establishments, that asking for a discount is unrealistic?

On average, it costs 35% to open the doors of a store. Rent, taxes, payroll, insurance and utilities add up. Most small businesses make 3%-10% net profit during good economies. In the last few years during this bad economy, most have operated at a loss and are sustained by past profits.

The profit margins in some industries are exorbitant. The furniture industry is a big abuser of overpricing. That is how they can advertise 50-60-70% off! They are paying BIG bucks for the advertising and those costs get passed on to the consumer. That $2000 couch that they are selling for $800 may have only cost them between $150 -$250. That doesn’t sound fair does it? Well, it’s not… not to the buyer and not to the thousands of honest, hard working, fairly priced stores in the world who are NOT taking advantage of their customers.

Large companies and big chain stores will temporarily inflate the price of that $100 item to $200 or more. When they run a 50% sale, they are selling it to you for what the honest store was selling it to you in the first place. The big Chain insists you “BUY IT TODAY or miss the deal!” If you wait a week to make your purchase, the honest store will still be selling that item for $100.

There are so many mom and pop stores that don’t have large profit margins. They, like us at International Billiards, Inc. want every customer who visits their store to get a good price; not just those who ask.

Since 1940, when my grandfather started this company, he made a promise to sell everything at a fair price – every day. At IBI, we actually sell some of our pool tables for LESS than what you can purchase them directly from the manufacturer.

Our Promise to YOU:

  • We don’t play games with our pricing; raising and lowering them weekly.
  • We don’t overcharge you…. ever.
  • If we put a “sale” price on something it’s because it’s been in stock for too long.  A “sale” price here means that we NEED it gone more than we need the profit on it.
  • We have purchased the merchandise, received it, paid for it and are stocking it so that you can see it, touch it and smell it instead of guessing what will come in from the internet.
  • We pay rent and insurance so you have a safe place to see the goods.
  • We pay our employees well enough that they are long term and can help you professionally and proficiently.
  • We are more than a faceless stranger sitting somewhere with a laptop taking your order and giving it to another company to ship.
  • We are fourth generation, so when you call for help or have questions, you will get a family member or an employee who has been adopted into it.

International Billiards, Inc. Our family serving yours since 1940.