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How to measure your table

It is important, when ordering service to know exactly what size table you have; especially when getting it recovered. There are several ways to measure your table. If the table is disassembled, you can measure the slate or rail sites. If it is assembled, you can measure the playfield or rail sites. The playfield is the area of the table that the ball rolls on. Measure from the tip of one bumper to the tip of the opposite bumper. Do not include the area of the rail rubber. When measuring the distance between rail sites, make sure that you measure from the exact location on both sites. Here are the measurements you will be looking for:

Size Playfield  Slate Rail Sight
7' 39" x 78" 46" x 85" 9.75”
8' 44" x 88" 51" x 95" 11"
8.5' 46" x 92" 53" x 99" 11.5"
9' 50" x 100" 57" x 107" 12.5"