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Sizing Guide

Gameroom furniture can easily fill up a room so it is best to measure to make sure your pool table or shuffleboard will fit comfortably or if you may need shorter cues for shots close to the edge of the playfield. 

Pool Tables

7', 8 and 9' are all regulation sizes. Tournaments are typically played on 9' tables but most homes do not have large enough room for them so 8' has become the predominate size. If your room is smaller or you have any areas where a normal size cue stick will not fit you can purchase shorter cues to use in those areas.


For shuffleboards, the general rule is to measure the area you have for your shuffleboard and subtract 6', which will give you 3' on each end for playing.
For example, if you have a 20' wall, the maximum shuffleboard size you could have would be 14'.
Since shuffleboards a usually very large and the playfield is one solid piece (unless you select a 2 piece playfield) we will need to verify that we have enough space to maneuver the shuffleboard into position.

Table Tennis

Table tennis tables are 5' x 9' long and you will need at least 4' on each end and 3' on each side, so we would recommend having at least 17' x 11' available.


Foosball tables generally need 11' - 13' for the frame and rods to extend, plus standing room for the player. End to end you will generally need 5' - 6' depending on if the table has an end ball return or a side one.

Game Tables

 For game tables, you will need to have about 3 1/2' around the table for chairs to back up and people to stand up. Most of our game tables are 54" so you would need at least 11 1/2'.

Air Hockey

For air hockey tables it will depend on the size you order. For 7' tables you will generally need 15' for the length. Since one side could be placed against a wall, the minimum you would need for width is 7', 10' - 12' if you wanted walking room all round it. For 8' tables, add 1' - 2' extra